Rebeca Rios – First Scat Domination! ( 2015 / FULL HD )

Rebeca Rios - First Scat Domination! ( 2015 / FULL HD )

One of our best actresses agreed to make a scat movie, is it: Rebeca Rios! Wonderful, a dominating truth, poor Michelle, had to swallow all the shit did Rebeca has, did she stand it?

Swallow your words with my shit ( 2015 / FULL HD )

Swallow your words with my shit ( 2015 / FULL HD )

Biana is push about Leslie because she told that is a lesbian, Leslie is angry and decided to forced Bianca to swallow her opinion with shit. Leslie passed shit on her face and mouth, forces Bianca to such her beautiful feet with scat. (THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME OF BIANCA IN THE SCAT FETISH)

Feeding her friends, to shit on me! ( 2015 / FULL HD )

Feeding her friends, to shit on me! ( 2015 / FULL HD )

Lisa Black like to eat shit, she's now helping our actresses (Mel and Carolynne) to shit in it! Lisa bought food for the girls can shit, after the stomach of them are well filled, ai Lisa goes into action, putting all the shit in the mouth, the shit is mixed with vomit and filth is immense, but Lisa does not care, she likes to eat shit, and she can!

Cake farts – Full Version

Cake farts - Full Version

STARRING: Katie Becker and Tati SYNOPSIS: Lola Mello is having a boring day, she decided to do something funny... so She decided to go to shopping and bought a gift to her slave Melissa. Melissa did not like of this prank... Lola with a big smile on face said: "- Look again Melissa it's a necklace", she putted on Melissa's neck and start to use her face as a sanitary vessel, giving hot and stinky farts!



Starring: Bruna Lemos and Chris D.Synopsis: In this film, you'll see just farts for 30 min. without stop!!! check out these hot and smell farts.

Tatoveret | Store patter og liderlig ( HD)

Bambi Ink bliver taget under behandling af Ronnie pa terrassen. Mon dog ikke naboerne lurer bag gardinerne, da Bambi ikke ligefrem er lydlos.

Nickie overfalder fyren for at fa sex ( HD)

Nickie er ikke til at stoppe, da hun forlanger sex af fyren og far hvad hun vil have.

Black Goddesses Wrapped Farting Session – FULL VERSION

Black Goddesses Wrapped Farting Session - FULL VERSION

Brazil Fetish Films presents this delicious farting movie in VERY HIGH DEFINITION: 1920 X 1080! This is one of the hottest humiliating movie ever made in Brazil. Two super hot and mighty Dommes decided to take their slave into a very nasty farting torture. Shirley has her all skinny body covered by plastic paper and is completely stucked in the couch. As the humiliation keep rising up the mighty Black Goddesses are not showing any regrets feelings and all of a sudden they start to fart all over Shirleys nose. They liked that idea and humiliate the poor girl letting her with no chances to escape just beeing abused. Hot Dommes fart on Shirleys nose making her almost throws up from such disgusting punishment while the mighty Goddesses loved that and obey her to smell everything in a very nasty scene. REALLY NASTY SCENES OF: FARTING, ASS SMELLING, BIG BUTTS, INTERRACIAL AND HUMILIATION!!! THE WHOLE FILM IN HD 1920 X 1080 HIGH DEFINITION CLIP - FULL VERSION!!!

Aurora’s First Fart Experience – FULL VERSION

Aurora's First Fart Experience - FULL VERSION

Gorgeous Aurora has a delicious ass full of farts and will use her favorite fart smelling slave Elaine. The mighty Mistress obeys the poor girl to smell their smelly farts a lot. She is a angry Domme and seating above Elaine’s face drops farts on her nose obeying her to smell and to get her nose very close to her dirty asshole making Elaine almost throws up because those farts are so stinky. Mistress Aurora is a bad girl so she keeps blowing some heavy farts all over the girl’s nose and mouth. VERY HOT SCENES OF: FARTING, BIG BUTTS, DIRTY ASS, ASS SMELLING, ASS SNIFFING AND HUMILIATION!!!

Analsex pa trappen ifort sexy lakdress ( HD)

Overl?kre tos ifort lak dress far sex pa den ene og den anden made og tager gerne imod.




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