Devotion To Our Smelly Farts – FULL VERSION

Devotion To Our Smelly Farts - FULL VERSION

Hot Dommes Michele, Jane and Alana arrive from a big party and find her slave Fefe on the bed stealing many things of one of them. It pisses them off real good so they decide to teach her a lesson. They get her by the amrs throwing the poor girl on the bed so they can blow their stinky farts all over her face. They are three very angry Dommes and seating above Fefe’s face they drop farts on her nose obeying Fefe to smell and to get her nose very close to their assholes making poor Fefe suffers a lot. Mistresses Michele, Jane and Alana are bad girls so they don’t let poor Fefe escape and the little slave suffers for hours in their hands before the mighty Dommes let Fefe go. Nasty Brazilian farting movie starring hot Mistresses Michele, Jane and Alan !!!




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