Karen 18 Years Old First Aggressive Facesitting – FULL VERSION

Karen 18 Years Old First Aggressive Facesitting - FULL VERSION

Gorgeous Karen is a very bad girl and wants to show that in this hard facesitting so she starts the smother humiliation session already above the slave face. Then she uses her heavy weight to suffocate poor Lara with her ass and pussy. In this great sexy movie we get to see hot Domme Karen leaving the defenseless pretty slave Lara totally static. Then a lot of ass smothering scenes and heavy oil facesitting takes place. Mighty Karen sits above her slave’s face and is almost killing Lara with her heavy round ass. VERY HOT SCENES OF: FACESITTING, FACE FUCKING, SMOTHER AND LESBIAN!!!



STARRING: Sabrina Senna, Carol Castro and Mel SYNOPSIS: you're about to watch a very violent and humiliating film... Sabrina Senna the cruel girl and the new revelation of NewMfx the top girl Carol Castro. These two girls have not mercy of the slave vivi and will do her suffer a lot with a cruel smother punishment. With smother, jumps and hard fuck face Mel has her face swollen, whenever that she can put her face to out to can breathe, she is severely beaten on her face. Mel was real humiliated in this movie like never see before. And the girls can't stop until wash Mel's face with a delicious hot cum.

Giant Mel Costa Facesitting Destroyer – FULL VERSION

Giant Mel Costa Facesitting Destroyer - FULL VERSION

Gorgeous Mel Costa is especially evil in this delicious hard face sitting video. She is known as a merciless Goddess and always teach a hard lesson to her obedient slaves. Today her target is Lu. She starts humiliating and forcing her big butt on Lu's face letting her completely breathless. Lu is forced to lick and to suck Mistress Mel Costa's pussy while the queen is feeling very happy because her slave is doing a great job. She applies on Lu a hard face fucking action with her merciless big butt. SUPER SEXY LESBIAN BRAZILIAN SMOTHER MOVIE WITH MANY SCENES OF: BIG BUTTS, ASS SMOTHERING, FACESITING, FACE FUCKING AND HUMILIATION!!!

Goddesses Triple Face Fuck Humiliation – FULL VERSION

Goddesses Triple Face Fuck Humiliation - FULL VERSION

Released: Nov 21, 2015

Brazil Smother presents this delicious facesitting movie in VERY HIGH DEFINITION: 1920 X 1080! Our big Dommes Katy, Angela and Mel Costa are in the bed with their slave Taty and the girl get her head smashed down real hard by their gigantic butts. The three beautiful hot Dommes keep smothering the skinny slave for several minutes sitting on her face humiliating her real hard. Taty suffers a lot while the mighty Goddesses laugh at her and smash her face with their evil butts. We can see Tatys face all smashed from the heavy pressure they had to take over her. THIS IS A GREAT UNSEEN SMOTHER MOVIE WITH MANY SCENES OF: FACESITTING, HUMILIATION, BIG BUTTS, FACE FUCKING AND LESBIAN!!! THE WHOLE FILM IN HD 1920 X 1080 HIGH DEFINITION CLIP - FULL VERSION!!!


Release Date: 26.11.2015

STARRING: Mel, Rafa Zaqui and Rebecca SYNOPSIS: oday Mel saw her life passing into her mind, she was dominated and suffocated in a very hard way that she can't get out! Rebecca Santos and Rafa Zaqui is not to joke, they are really in fury. After the start, each minute that is passing, the girls are more and more angry until that Mel can't resist and ask to cut the movie.

Under Juliana Becker’s Delicious Ass – FULL VERSION

Gorgeous Juliana Becker wants to make her facesitting punishment unforgetable to little Vivi. She smashes the defenseless girl that screams from desperate. Then the real facesitting punishment begins. Defenseless Vivi is lyed and doesn't get to leave that position because the big and strong Goddess holds her down real hard. Vivi is forced to smell her Domme’s stinky pussy and asshole while is being smothered. VERY HOT SCENES OF: BIG BUTTS, FACESITTING, FACE FUCKING, SMOTHER AND LESBIAN!!!

Goddesses Crush Yago’s Face – REAL ORGASM – FULL VERSION

Hot Mistresses Jennifer Giardini and Natalia are more angry than ever and decide to teach their slave a rough face sitting lesson with their big sweated asses. The Dommes are furious and horny about their little slave Yago and want some serious smothering action. In this super sexy movie we can watch the two Dommes applying some have punishment over their defenseless slave including a lot of female domination mixed with a lot of smothering action. The hot big butted Dommes dominate their slave Yago to the bed leaving the defenseless slave totally static and breathless. Then a lot of ass worshipping scenes takes place and the two beautiful ladies sit above their slave’s face and are almost killing Yago with their marvelous rounded asses. They end completely satisfied cumming and squirting on Yago's face. IN THIS GREAT FEMDOM FACESITTING MOVIE WE WILL SEE MANY SCENES OF: FACE FUCKING, HUMILIATION, BIG BUTTS, ASS SMOTHERING AND SQUIRTING!!!

Samira Summer First Face Abuse – FULL VERSION

Released: Oct 30, 2015

Brazil Femdom presents this delicious facesitting movie in VERY HIGH DEFINITION: 1920 X 1080! Hot Samira Summer with her hot body has a target called Yago that has his face smashed hard on the mattress and cant breath at all for several minutes. Poor Yago is on the bed and can't move at all. In this super sexy movie we can watch Mistress Samira Summer applying some have punishment over her defenseless sexy slave including a lot of facesitting mixed with a lot of ass smothering. The super heavy weight Samira Summer is angrier than ever applying a hard facesitting session over Yagos face and letting the boy completely humiliated with her smelly ass on his face. HOT FEMDOM SMOTHER MOVIE STARRING SAMIRA SUMMER AND SUBMISSIVE SLAVE YAGO IN MANY SCENES OF: FACESITTING, ASS SMOTHERING, HUMILIATION AND BIG BUTTS!!! THE WHOLE FILM IN HD 1920 X 1080 HIGH DEFINITION CLIP - FULL VERSION!!!

Facesitting Immobilization – Full Version

With a beautiful body curves, Queen Jady Belmont first appears in NewMfx, and their debut could not be better! A facesitting immobilization and positions with a perfect body curves! Jady brags about his physical form, is to envy to anyone ... Lu a poor slave ridiculous, have to endure the pain of disobedience! As a form of punishment: Extreme Facesitting! No mercy, with jerky movements, with suffocation ass, cunt and hands!! Demanding the most of the slave, Taking all the dignity of the poor slave!... this Goddess has something besides its beauty perfectionist! She makes the rules! A perfect goddess, with a perfect body!

Fernanda’s Cruel Butt Attack – Full Version

STARRING: Fernanda Hot and Erika Martinelli. SYNOPSIS: Fernanda Hot wants to find a way to shut up her slave Erika, she just can think in one possibility, sitting on her little face! Fernanda has a perfect butt and is easy for her keep Erika with the face between the rounded buttocks. Fernanda doesn't stop to press the Erika's face to down, rubbing her sexy pussy on Erika's nose. Erika is real suffocated and she can't get out because Fernanda is holding her face with a incredible hability. Fernanda really doesn't have any mercy and do a cruel facesitting punishment for the poor Erika. Amazing movie, enjoy!




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